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Advertising agency Lemm en ten Haaf

Advertising agency Lemm en ten Haaf, together with MeetingLinq, has developed and produced 5 stress items for its client Paques. These stress items depict the operation of Paques' chemical products. MeetingLinq handled the production, quality control and distribution to all Paques branches worldwide.
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The Reuma Fund has been rebranded to ReumaNederland. MeetingLinq, in cooperation with ReumaNederland, supplied various materials on which the new name with the new logo were highlighted.
In addition, MeetingLinq has developed, among other things, a shopping cart coin keychain as a lead acquisition incentive.
This incentive grew into one of the most successful campaigns for ReumaNederland

RAI Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam and MeetingLinq have been partners for many years. RAI catering was looking for a sustainable solution to distribute lunches to participants of conferences and exhibitions via a simple and recognisable system.
After a good inventory and fun conversations about the wishes and possibilities, MeetingLinq, together with a team from the RAI, created the ideal sustainable bag with clearly printed pictograms showing what is inside. All in all, a successful project after a super fun collaboration with the RAI.

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Rubrik and MeetingLinq have been partners for many years. Rubrik was looking for something special for 1 of the projects, fitting the theme. This ended up being the Hero mug.
The handle of the mug became a special, handmade muscular arm. It turned into a beautiful package, along with personalised card and a pack of coffee in a nice box.

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DenkProducties and MeetingLinq have been partners for many years and now also for online seminars. DenkProducties was looking for a total solution, to send to participants a Surprise Box, prior to their digital master classes.
After a good inventory of the requirements and possibilities, MeetingLinq took care of the entire process from A to Z, up to and including the logistics. From printing some fun and tasty products, packing and preparing the boxes for shipment. Thus DenkProducties was unburdened and each participant received a Surprise Box sent home on time.

Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC partnered with MeetingLinq in the development and a trial for the use of pee bags in 6 hospitals in the Netherlands, to be used after a CT scan. Erasmus MC was looking for a partner who could produce and distribute user-friendly unisex pee bags to 6 participating hospitals.
After extensive prior research and identification of the needs and quality requirements of the pee bags, MeetingLinq, through its own office in Hong Kong, handled the production and the entire logistics process. The use of these pee bags will prevent contrast agents from entering our water system after a patient's CT scan.

Kaltura Project

Kaltura from Israel was looking in Europe for a supplier for its merchandise/swag equipment. Ended up at MeetingLinq via via and we were able to help them. Everything delivered on time and in Kaltura house style according to the agreed budgets.

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Palo Alto Project

The right product or composition of products for every project, complete with the right corporate branding of your organisation.
We are happy to help you with sound advice to help you make the right choices.
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Palo Alto Coffee or Tea ?

During Zoom of Teams sessions, you do want a break with a cup of coffee or tea. For our client Palo Alto Networks, we made these coffee and tea packages and sent them out for online meetings to individual participants.

Rubrik Welcome Pack

When you come to work at Rubrik, you will receive a wonderful welcome pack. This way, you are truly welcomed at this beautiful company.
MeetingLinq makes these packages for a number of continents. And with great regularity, a nice photo is posted on LinkedIn by a happy new employee.

Neste My

New customers of the beautiful sustainable company Neste My will receive a wonderful gift.
A house-style box from Neste My complete with contents.

This project was created in collaboration with Lemm and Tenhaaf.


What a nice gift to give as a company.
A specially baked and personalised Gingerbread man with a new desk calendar for 2023.
All conceived, made and individually shipped throughout Europe especially for our customer.