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Ensuring a good promotion policy and tangible marketing strategy for any international company is complex. You could keep your own online shop with sustainable high quality branded products. However, it is time consuming to maintain yourself. MeetingLinq with its experience in promotional products, business gifts and souvenirs has extended its service to create these dedicated web shops for the past 5 years.

A tangible marketing policy is important

It starts with a good strategy and clear direction. We create and maintain your personalised web shop from start to finish. All products are selected and branded to suit your image and implemented in the shop. We ensure the right delivery terms (after your approval of course) and store these products in our own warehouses in Amsterdam or Hong Kong. Finally, these products (for example merchandise, gifts or souvenirs) can be ordered through this online system. Your shop is completely transparent: you can see what a product costs, how much stock is available and how many products are in a box. Several colleagues can gain access to the shop, as you can grand them permission to access.

As usual, you can also expect a proactive approach from us. We will suggest new products that may be suitable for your shop. We also think of packaging, boxes etc. to make the products a nicer gift. If these products are part of a marketing campaign, we can send them to individual addresses. Always ensuring properly packed products and correct shipment, anywhere in the world.

A good example: Rubrik's promotion policy

Rubrik provides all aspects of cloud backups and management solutions. We support them with permanent tangible marketing. By maintaining the EMEA and Asia Pacific web shops. Together with the marketing management team, we have selected a number of standard branded products that can be ordered by all of Rubrik's worldwide offices. The advantage is that costs are centrally controlled and that products are allocate per office, maintaining transparency and control at local level. Strategic advances are not only correct branding and use of logos, but also correct use of sustainable production, quality, smart deliveries and communication. Stock of all products are kept at MeetingLinq, both in Amsterdam and Hong Kong, ensuring same day shipping if required.

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