Completed Projects

Below you find examples of completed projects. Most of the items that we supply are custom-made. From a “simple” full colour printed pen to a specially designed conference bag or a custom-made USB stick in your own shape & corporate colour scheme. We are happy to take on every new project and with that take away a concern from you. As these examples show, we are a one-stop-shop providing a full range of different gifts and items for each of your events.

Fun and usable foam plane with a plastic nose.

ECTRIMS backpack with a detachable pouch bag.

Stress item in the shape of a van developed for LeasePlan

Re-branding project done for The Hague Convention Bureau including a paper bag, pens, notebook and a powerbank.

Customized USB sticks made for QUMI in the shape of a beamer.

A variety of stress items

BTC project: A water bottle, a coaster and a cleaning cloth for mobile devices.

Re-branding project for AHOY including a paper gift bag, lanyards, USB sticks and pen.

The IWCF portfolio including the congress bag.

Project done for IWCF, handing out portfolio folders at their congress with a pen and information folders.

A nice project we did for LHV, consisting of a congress bag, lanyard, badges and a wipe.

Commissioned by a communication agency we produce all kinds of give-aways for Shire, such as bookmarkers, ear phones, pens, waterbottles, mugs, bears…

The Non-Profit Organisation Setac asked us to provide matching items as a teaser for their next event in Barcelona. They liked the products to be round and with a Gaudi look.

RLVNT is an ad agency, and we produced the pen and lanayrd for there own cooperate promotion.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle asked us to think, and to make a proposal for event materials. Philips wanted a clean and fresh look for a visitor's badge with a lanyard for visitors to their events.

A Post-it booklet in our own MeetingLinq 2014 identity

The European MedTech Forum is the largest health and medical technology industry conference in Europe. We are very proud with the yearly collaboration with a complete set of items for their event. The product are cotton bags, umbrella`s, notebooks, pens, usb-sticks, mints, lanyards and A6 badges.

For the IASCL Congres of the University of Amsterdam, we supplied writing pads, lanyards and badges.

Pro-active proposal for the business department of Amsterdam Marketing with a full color printed Amsterdam Landmark

A very nice folder made specialy for the IAIS meeting with a gold foil print.

The Grant Thornton in Antwerp asked us to make some items for their Job Fair. We made not only the lipbalsem but also usb sticks and recycled notebooks.

Our client Erasme Hospital Brussel asked us to make products for their yearly event Gastroenterology and Endotherapy European Workshop (GEEW).The products are a nice documentbag for a good price and matching lanyards.

For the Europrevent syposium, of the European Society of Cardiology we made an Tablet cleaning cloth as a save the date reminder.

A nice backpack, notebook and pen for the ESHA conference.

With price EHA is already 20 years a client, conference bag, lanyards, notebooks etc.

A very nice but simple conference bag is conference colors for Egos.

We suplied all congress materials voor the ECSS congress, which took place in Amsterdam Rai. The materials included a bag, a pen and a neckwallet.

Always handy a simple and useful notepad.

In addition to the assortment of give aways and business gifts this 3D design Cheese USB drive was developped for Dutch Original Cheese.

The Global Peter Drucker Forum is an international management conference dedicated to the management philosophy of Peter Drucker. With great pleasure and proud we help many years with materials. The question was to provide quality products for the 6th Global Drucker Forum.

For the introduction in several European countries of the take over of Linksys by Belkin we provided several office materials

For a congress on Particle Physics we supplied all meeting materials; notepad, pen and lanyards.

In this project our client asked us to think along about products in several price ranges that would all fit within the new Intertrust house style.

The target: Products that are suitable for Intertrust clients for seminars, events , and corporate gifts world wide.

The good co-operation has resulted in a wide range of products that MeetingLinq keeps in stock. We also take care of the distribution, world wide!

This was a great challenge. The customer asked us to deliver all congress materials for more than 1,000 participants in New York within three weeks. This called for very fast and effective communications between our team and the customer.

The end result was impressive: 100% bio-degradable bags and pens, and lanyards made of 100% recycled polyester.

A real felt bag, partly made of recycled materials, with a transfer printing. This is what makes us happy: a great end result and a very satisfied customer.

In this project for a German customer, we presented a rugged cotton shoulder bag in a natural tone. Within 4 weeks we delivered 12,000 bags printed in five colors and 7,000 T-shirts printed in matching colors.

A very nice order, which included delivery to various addresses in Germany and in Belgium.

A nice and simple congress bag for all participants including bag, pen, lanyard and notepad.

The ISVEE project was organized in Maastricht. It was sustainability-themed, so we supplied a bag of recycled material and a reusable water bottle.

For varying projects: printed and unprinted notepad and handy suitcases made in Europe out of recycled cardboard.

Several versions are available; printing can be silkscreen or embossing.

Eventdrive / RocMe develops software for the market of Events and Congresses. For the introduction of a new component in their product package, MeetingLinq was asked to develop a whole range of sustainable supplies, ISO 14001 certified where possible. Bio cotton bag, recycled paper notepad and FSC certified wooden USB stick.

A bag label made of silicon rubber, that also serves as an anti-stress item. Custom developed for an advertising agency for one of their customers, everything made according to customer requirements.

Synergy organizes several fairs in combination with a lectures on the subject matter each year.

Each year we supply a varying range of products for all attendees of the congress/fair. This is done in a sound and functional way in dialog with the customer and within the set budget.

Global wind Day takes place on June 15th. every year. MeetingLinq supplies promotion materials as a complete package from idea to realization and distribution for all countries in Europe.

Every year new ideas promoting the use of wind energy to young and old consumers.

The MedArt congress is held in Basel every year and every year we supply a different colorful shoulder bag with an artwork or photograph, a new design each year.

Plus a pen and lanyard adjusted to the house style of the yearly congress.

The International Society of Blood Transfusion has been our customer for years now. MeetingLinq supplies them with congress materials worldwide.

Every year we use a new design, fitting the customer desires and the congress location.

IIR is supplied with materials by MeetingLinq people for more than 20 years now. We make ring binders, notepads, pens, and other materials for special IIR projects.

The project was done a bit longer ago, but we are still proud of it. All products are made in the congress house style; a handy trolley, ring binder, notepad, pen, and lanyard. Indeed a complete set of congress materials.

We have many different sponsors we want to give our attention. Therefore all sponsors of this congress are neatly positioned on one side of the congress bag, printed in 1 color. It looks good and it saves on the budget.

The notepad and the pen give some more accent thanks to the use of color.

MeetingLinq has been the fixed supplier for all materials for the yearly ENS Congress. No matter where in Europe it takes place, we are always present in an indirect way.

A nice, simple set. The materials look wonderful thanks to the choice of colors and logo.

We have developed and produced various nice materials for the "Vereniging van Openbare Bibliotheken in Nederland" (Dutch Public Libraries).

MeetingLinq has had a pleasant co-operation with Amsterdam RAI for many years.

We are regularly asked to supply new products that match the set budget and the established company branding style.

In 2012 DENK acquired a new house style.

MeetingLinq, being the permanent materials supplier for DENK, was asked to think along in developing a new line of congress supplies.

And nice and pleasant logo with several color variations was applied to various products.

In this project our client asked us to think along about products in several price ranges that would all fit within the new Intertrust house style

The target: Products that are suitable for Intertrust clients for seminars, events , and corporate gifts world wide.

The good co-operation has resulted in a wide range of products that MeetingLinq keeps in stock. We also take care of the distribution.