The secret behind MeetingLinq

What is the secret of delivering conference-related products to MCI and EHA for decades? Raya van Hugten (MCI): 'They work extremely hard to ensure all essential items are at a conference'.

At MeetingLinq, customers come first. Raya van Hugten from MCI is one of them. She is senior project manager at MCI in Amsterdam and organizes big (medical) conferences from start to finish. She finds sponsors, scouts suitable event locations and organizes conference related products. MeetingLinq helps her with many of these conference products. Currently she runs several the logistical organization for the annual congress of EHA, the European Hematology Association in The Hague. A conference with at least 12,000 participants. MeetingLinq and MCI work together for the congress team of Rik Craenmehr from EHA. Rik personally worked for years in the team he now runs as executive manager.

Many years of great collaboration

MeetingLinq has been a partner of MCI and EHA for many years and supplies conference related items such as bags, badges and lanyards. The secret behind this longstanding cooperation according to Raya is: 'MeetingLinq always delivers everything that has been agreed and often more. They bend over backwards for you and ensure that all products are delivered on time and to the high standard we expect for a conference.' Rik agrees and added: ‘Even if there is an issue, MeetingLinq will be available to find a suitable solution. Always showing their proactive approach and customer service.’


Sustainable products across the border

MeetingLinq has been supplying sustainable products for many years and sustainability is also high on Raya’s agenda. Participants of conferences sometimes walk 20 kilometres a day, making a sturdy bag a must have! Raya: 'Sometimes we see bags 3 years later at a related conference on the other side of the world. This shows that the bags are sustainable and very suitable to be reused.’ Rik agreed and mentioned that he saw bags even 5 years after an event. Every conference makes a lasting impression with sustainable products from MeetingLinq!

Are you interested in our conference related products? We would love to organize them! Feel free to contact us.