Sustainability is in our DNA

Green electricity, eco dog poo bags or organic vegetables... Be green whenever you have the choice. We love choosing green for our products and would love to inspire you to choose sustainable products for your next congress or campaign. We have made a sustainable product program to give you sufficient choice.

ISO 14001 certified product program

For many years we have been working on our certified ISO 14001 product program, which includes organic cotton and recycled plastic. We have bags with a Fairtrade certificate, ensuring cotton farmers get a fair price for their cotton. Do you prefer a sturdier bag? Then choose a bag made from recycled PET material. After all, commonly used materials are suitable to be reused and therefore very sustainable.

Or how about a notebook with a cover made from coffee bean waste? And do you know about our biodegradable plastic badge holders which we have been making for years. All these products are provided with certificates. Enabling you to portrait a sustainable message towards your target group. If you want advice about this program and which products fit your brand or event, please contact us.

Smart deliveries

In order to ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment during transport, we have tuned our processes. A clear example is our logistic process, we try to deliver your whole order as efficient as possible by delivering everything to your home or event at once. Are you interested in our sustainable products or processes? Please let us know! The MeetingLinq team has a lot of knowledge about recycled and sustainable materials and loves to inspire you.