Vincent’s Vase

De Vaas van VincentDe Vaas van Vincent De Vaas van Vincent

Vincent’s Vase

We are proud to announce Vincent’s vase, our new dress and tulip concept.

Vincent’s vase is a unique product that was specially designed by Vincent Wijers. Besides Vinvent’s vase we have a wide range of colorful tulips delivered directly from the well-known Dutch tulips growers.

The sturdy vase is made from firm but flexible synthetic material. The option of printing your own design and logo on Vincent’s vase will make it a showpiece for your organization.

The vase can be folded into a small package which makes it a wonderful and original gift to give away at a meeting, congress or other event.

Vincent’s vase is a unique product which is only available through MeetingLinQ.

At EvenementContact 2015 MeetingLinQ presented a unique dress that has been specially designed to promote Vincent’s vase. The dress has the capability to carry 50 of Vincent’s vases with tulips. This original concept gives your organization the opportunity to be the eye catcher of the event.

Do you want to be the eye catcher of the day at your upcoming event? We will make it happen! MeetingLinQ will set you up with a package deal consisting of 3 items.

  • Vincent’s vase
  • Fresh Dutch tulips
  • The eye catching tulip dress

Please contact MeetingLinq’s Amsterdam office for further questions about Vincent’s vase and the dress. Tel: +31-(0)20-3460650